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Faith Liberty Inclusivity

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Community & Business Leader, Immigrant, Texan, Conservative Republican.

The citizens of the United States Texas Congressional District 22 need a representative who can connect all of our district. Bangar Reddy will champion our conservative values of faith, liberty, free enterprise, limited government, and compassion for the dignity of human life and will bring inclusivity to the nation’s most diverse district in America. 

“From my family to yours, I invite you all to join us in our ‘I love my America’ movement. It is the movement to keep the inalienable rights given to us, not by government or other men, but by our Creator – the rule of law and the rewards of hard work, ingenuity, and entrepreneurship. Let us save the union by sticking to the moral fabric of our republic sewn by conservative values. This unique spirit is the reason for America being the envy of the world. No matter how great Socialism sounds, its implementation involves bigger government, higher taxation and suppression of individual liberties and freedoms. Therefore, we reject socialism that many National Democrats want to force upon us.”

Reddy’s experience speaks for itself. After earning his Master’s degree, he started his own small business, upon which he would go onto to work for small, medium, and large companies in the energy, infrastructure, and investment sectors. Through these experiences, he has developed a passion to serve and a keen understanding of the social and political needs of his home district. Bangar Reddy will champion limited government, address multi-regional flood mitigation and its impact on commerce and our homes, as well as promote a climate favorable to economic prosperity.

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