Connecting the community while being a practical problem solver

These are the issues Reddy cares about:


My guiding principle is that conservative policies provide more compassion and prosperity to more Americans than any other form of governance. Americans of all backgrounds and political persuasions can see the value of this through examination of issues and understanding the time tested constitutional principles that make our country the envy of the world. The reason people come to America is that it is a land of opportunity, there is a reward for hard work, there is respect for the rule of law, human life is given dignity, and there is compassion to provide a safety net for unfortunate situations. The glue for all this is a nation built on Faith. This is why I love My America. 


Like any person of faith and human compassion, I want poverty to be reduced or eliminated. I myself grew up in relative poverty and saw the horrors of extreme poverty in my home country. It exists here in our 22nd district. I have seen it first hand here during volunteer work. Even though we have a relatively prosperous community, we cannot forget those who are left behind and come up with real solutions.

But we should remember the saying of the Spanish philosopher George Santayana: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Most historians and economists report that the New Deal legislation of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, which expanded government programs, actually prolonged the Depression. The unemployment rate remained more than 17% despite the New Deal legislation. Similarly the great expansion of the Welfare State by President Lyndon Johnson in the 1960’s had no positive effect on the rate of poverty in the country. Government stimulus packages and heightened regulations during the Recession of 2008 stifled economic growth.

Poverty rates and unemployment rates fall to historic lows when government unleashes the private sector to grow. Many examples exist.

In the 1920’s, the federal government reduced tax rates and ushered in the “Roaring 20’s” an era of marked economic growth and a substantial drop in poverty. This was followed by policy and tax reversals in the 1930s that led to the Great Depression.

In 1981, Ronald Reagan was able to pass the largest drop in marginal taxes at all brackets and there was profound economic growth and an equally profound drop in unemployment, a sharp contrast to the country of the 1970s suffering double digit inflation, high oil prices, and high unemployment.

The latest tax cut under the Trump administration has led to the lowest levels of unemployment in decades, especially for minorities.

To tackle poverty, I will support legislation to promote overall economic growth–lower taxes and less government interference in the economy. Our opponents will argue that this only helps the rich and the poor get poorer. That is why we must look at historical examples and model policies based on that.

Raising the capital gains tax and top marginal tax rates on the richest may make some politicians look like they are supporting the poor and punishing the rich, but in reality these measures punish everyone. Compassion does not come from thwarting innovation and ingenuity, or the ability to make profit. We should not be punishing success, or creating class warfare.

Nor can we find solace in socialistic tendencies. We do not have to look farther than failures of Greece, Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba, and the old Soviet Union to see the failures of big government. Data shows that 6 million direct deaths occurred from hunger and poverty caused by Stalinism.

When we do not have healthy competition and reward hard work and success, the law of nature is that productivity will fall to the least common denominator of society. If all sports teams got the same score, would anyone try hard to win the game? If all students got the same grades, would anyone study hard? If taxes are so hefty, why would people take extra risk, education, or effort to create better products or services in a society?

America is the envy of the world because of our free market system and economic growth raises the standard of living for ALL Americans. I will fight hard in Washington to educate all to not enter the slippery slope of socialism as we will end up with more poverty!

Health Care

No human being recognizing his common Creator can idly watch another human being suffering in health. Our heart goes out to even complete strangers who are physically or mentally suffering. Of course, government should ensure the citizenry the opportunity for good health.

Our opponents have argued that the Affordable Health Care Act was a grand success. But facts argue otherwise.
–The cost of premiums to employees and employers has skyrocketed.
–A cost of more than 1.3 trillion dollars has been added to the deficit with little in return.
–The act cannot control the rising cost of health care technology, prescriptions, advancements, and utilization of tests and therapies.
–There are fewer choices for insurance—many parts of the country have only one insurance provider.
–More people are requiring Medicaid as they cannot afford traditional private insurance but many providers do not accept Medicaid,
–30 million people are still uninsured—the number of newly insured through private insurance is very underwhelming–only 400,000 persons compared to the promise of 9 million

I will support legislation to repeal and replace this atrocious act.
–Specifically, we need laws to allow patients to buy insurance across state lines–that will increase competition and lower costs for consumers.
–We need laws that let people buy the type of coverage they want–not one cookie cutter program for everyone–this will reduce costs and increase access
–We need laws that allow small-business-associated health plans—the Affordable Care Act ignored small businesses, the backbone of the country
–We need laws that allow health savings accounts to be more robust.
–We need laws to cap malpractice settlements.
–We need tax incentives for preventive care and health maintenance.

On top of this, we need policies that maintain low unemployment and fair full wages and benefits to employees so they can have health insurance.

It is so interesting that our opponents tout the success of this Affordable Care Act, yet want to now replace it with a Medicare for All Option
–We will fight hard against such an option of socialized medicine that lets the government run your health care decisions and raises taxes for all–a cost of $52 trillion is estimated–and will hit all Americans rich, middle class, and poor.
–In socialized systems such as in the UK and Canada, waiting times and choice for medical therapies are very unsatisfactory. There are rations—for instance did you know that dialysis will not be initiated on patients over age 65 in such countries? Certain chemotherapies and cardiac interventions are rationed by age as well. Bureaucratic red tape limits access to care and mortality is worse despite the pomp and hype of such systems. Why else do the rich from those places fly to the U.S. or other countries with private health care to get their treatment? Why is the leader in advanced health care and research the United States? Why are there more breakthroughs and inventions with pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and technology in the United States than any other country of the world? Do any of these countries with socialized medicine or even outright socialism or communism even come close? I cannot think of a single one. I will be a strong voice in Washington to stop government takeover of your healthcare. Above all, I would never force my fellow Americans to take a health plan that I, as a member of Congress, would not be forced to take.


America is wonderful, generous, and welcoming country. More than 1 million new immigrants are admitted each year legally, more than any other country in the world. It is not a surprise that America is the envy of the world. Our country has gained strength from immigration over centuries.

We do have a problem with illegal immigration. Congress tried to address this in 1986 and with the Simpson-Mazolli act giving amnesty to approximately 3 million persons. There was a promise of stopping future illegal immigration with better enforcement. Unfortunately, the number has grown to at least more than 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States today as the promise of better enforcement was never kept.

Some Americans advocate repeating what was done by Congress in 1986 by providing amnesty and citizenship to all in the country. Some say the borders should be free and open. Some say cooperation with ICE even after criminal activity has occurred should not take place, and advocate for “sanctuary cities.” Others say the asylum program should be broadened to cover more conditions and asylum seekers should be staying in the United States while waiting their adjudication.

While those proposing these ideas may be motivated by empathy to a fellow human being, we cannot ignore the perils of such approaches.

1. Porous borders allow illicit travel of drugs, contraband, smugglers, gangs, criminals, and even terrorists

2. Not respecting the rule of law gives greater impetus to not respect the law in other spheres of American life and will be demoralizing to legal immigrants who have followed the law.

3. A second class group of people is created who are at the whims and fancy of unscrupulous employers, who will hire undocumented workers at lower wages and not have any respect for workers’ rights.

4. Many American citizens’ job opportunities will be lost to low cost illegal labor—especially minorities. Studies have shown that young African American males had the most job losses due to rising illegal immigration.

5. Smugglers will continue to tempt people to risk their lives, give up all their assets, and leave their family and cross the dangerous terrain of the desert Southwest. These “coyotes” make money off these desperate people with no respect for their final outcomes.

6. America’s resources for schools, hospitals, and public services are already stretched and will be further strained with more illegal immigration.

7. Criminal illegal immigrants usually prey on their own ethnic communities first. creating crime there knowing that those immigrants would be scared to complain to law enforcement.

8. Legitimizing illegal immigration will only beget more illegal immigration. The 1986 law proved it clearly. Amnesty leads to more illegal immigration. The total number has nearly quadrupled since the 1986 bill became law.

It is true we need a candid pragmatic and respectful national conversation on the fate of illegal immigrants already living in our society, but we must not repeat the mistakes of the 1986 bill and start by finishing what it did not. We need to consider that the needs of 330 million legal Americans should be greater than that of 12 million illegal immigrants. We also have to pay attention to the millions of l immigrants who wait, in some cases, decades to secure entry or residency in the United States.

1. Secure the border using physical barriers (such as walls in strategic areas), technology, law enforcement officers, and other monitoring devices.

2. Enforce employer sanctions for illegal hiring and mandate participation in programs such as E-verify.

3. Have a viable and verifiable guest-worker program to allow seasonal labor and satisfy the requirements of many US companies for short term labor.

4. Streamline the process for merit-based legal immigration to attract the best and brightest and hardest working to our country.

5 Support asylum workup and housing outside our border to avoid noncompliance with the law while waiting for adjudication.

6. Continue pro growth economic policies that will maintain our country as the most desirable place in the world. This will help the prosperity of all Americans including new Americans

Sanctity of Life

Life begins at conception. The duty of the government is to take care of those most vulnerable. Who is more vulnerable than an unborn child? I am pro-life. Tax payer funding of abortion is abominable. I also respect the dignity of life at the other extreme–the eldest of the elderly. Their life and health choices should be in their hands, not in the hands of bureaucrats who look at them as statistics and not human beings.

Family Values

The strength of any society is the family unit. Within families, children are raised and respect for ancestors, culture, and responsibility is groomed. Government programs should strengthen traditional marriage by providing support and counseling access, whether faith based or secular, to prevent the breakdown of the family, high divorce rates, domestic violence, addiction, and psychiatric problems. When, the traditional family unit is supported and children can be raised they will be inculcated with gratitude to their elders. They are more likely to have gratitude toward their society, their constitution, and their well wishers and less likely to enter paths of crime or defiance.  I will propose legislation to strengthen social services in this area of protecting the American family.

National Security

I believe in a strong national defense–we must prevent terrorists from hurting our citizenry, we must prevent rogue states from gaining nuclear weapons or other horrible means to terrorize international commerce and travel, but we must be careful not to enter wars without end at the cost of American lives. We must carefully evaluate each conflict and enter only when it is in our national interest to do so.


I believe we need to slow the flow of drugs into the country through tougher borders. We need to be tough on producers and distributors. We need to offer more treatment to those addicted and get them rehabilitation to enter regular life and jobs rather than endless prison sentences for them. We need to be proactive in offering treatment to the victims of the opiate epidemic.

Energy and Environment

The country should be energy independent so we are not at the mercy of foreign powers. We should strive for clean air, water and safe toxin free surroundings, but we must avoid economic calamity and hardships to hardworking Americans in this process. Democratic ideas on the New Green Deal are quite impractical.