Official Statement from Bangar Reddy for Congress

There are rumors going around that I may have contributed to a Democratic candidate.

I would like to set the record straight so there will be no questions or doubt.

In June 2019, I did give a contribution of $1,000 when two Indian Americans exploring their new candidacies at a fundraising event, hosted by fellow Indian American friends to encourage political participation by all Indians. The even was attended by Indian Americans of both political parties. Many of us believed this particular candidate was our friend and stood for the same traditional cultural values we all share. But as I later learned more about him, I recognized that his values were actually socialistic and antagonistic to US Indian interests. When I realized my mistake, I regretted giving him a contribution.

I have never voted for a Democratic candidate in my life and would not vote for someone who does not share my love for America. If you’re interested, I’ve included my voting record for your review. As an American who is passionate about, and loves the Constitution, I am ready to take on border security, immigration, the national debt, infrastructure, and defeating socialism. I have always stood with President Trump and his American first policies from day one of his presidency. I am a strong supporter of President Trump.

Thank you. May God bless you and our country.