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The United States of America is a guiding light as we espouse unique, critical components of a free society. Our rights come not from the government, but from our Creator. These principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are what led me to become an American citizen.

When Hurricane Harvey consumed our community, I stepped up to help without a second thought. Witnessing a community come together and conquer seemingly impossible obstacles led me to the realization that I needed to do more with my desire to serve our communities.

As your Congressman in CD-22, I look forward to standing up for our conservative values by protecting our liberties, supporting policies that lead to economic growth, and promoting traditional family values that lead to one’s success. Join our ‘I love my America’ movement as we remind each other and the world what makes America great!

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As YOUR voice in Washington, I will audit, review, and reform:

Border Security & Immigration

  • Secure Proper Funding
  • Introduce Innovative Technology

  • Streamline Immigration Processing

    • Authority: Federal Mandate – Article 4, Section 4, Clause 2
    • Authority: Congressional Mandate – Article 1, Section 8, Clauses 1-18

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Transparency in Spending
  • Respect the Budget
  • 5% Cut GOAL in 2021-2022 Budget

    • Authority: Article 1, Section 8, Clauses 1, 2, 18


  • Quality Contractual Standards
  • Technological & Physical Improvements
  • Multi-Regional Flood Mitigation

    • Authority: Article 1, Section 8, Clauses 3, 18

As our next Congressman, Bangar Reddy is also Ready to:

We must protect:

    • Freedom of Speech
    • Freedom of Religion
    • The Second Amendment

To stop the relentless tide of socialism, we must:

  • Encourage Ingenuity
  • Alleviate Poverty
  • Stop the War on the Middle Class

To alleviate the burden of taxes on our economy, we must:

  • Promote Climate of Economic Prosperity
  • Limit Size of Government & Simplify Regulations 
  • Enable Small Business Growth

To provide a healthcare system that actually works for all, we must:

  • Fight for Free-Market Solutions in Health Care
  • Social Security Reform 
  • Stop siphoning of Medicare/Medicaid funds to Obama Care

To fix our current education system and provide our children with a bright future, we must:

  • Enable School Choice 
  • Invest in Technology and Space 
  • Include Trade Schools
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